About us


The Brothers Benjamin, Raphael and Gerson spent a long weekend with their father in the fall of 2019. Raphael, who had had enough of his job as a ship mechanic with the water police, was looking for a tugboat to start his own business.
When he showed this ship to his brothers one evening during this vacation, the tide turned: “It looks like a rescue ship to me!” – That was the first reaction. The idea was quickly taken further and the three of them agreed: “We have to at least try.

Who we are

Sea Punks stands for what was going on in the brothers’ minds that evening: “I can’t just sit here and get upset about what’s happening in the Mediterranean every day. I want to do something myself.”
We want to help people who are denied our privileges. We help people who leave their homes to flee war, violence, poverty and exploitation.

Sea Punks no longer consists of just three brothers; it has now grown into an association in which people with very different talents have come together in a spirit of solidarity.
Our team works entirely on a voluntary basis and covers many areas:
From craftspeople to therapists, media professionals, social workers and lawyers – our motto is: Just do it!

We are spread all over Germany, organize ourselves in regular online association meetings and have open arms for everyone who wants to get involved – hereby cooperation at eye level is valuable and important to us.

We strive for

  • a society without racism.
  • a society in which refugees are welcomed and supported to make a new start.
  • a society in which these people are perceived as part of the community and not as a problem.
  • a society that does not stand by and watch people die because they are ignored, turned away or pushed back on their escape route.

We want a politically enlightened, humanistic society.

Here you can find our articles of association