Sea Punks support 285 people!


The crew of the Sea Punk I has completed another rotation. Due to the good weather, more people are currently making the journey because the conditions in the Mediterranean are better than in the winter months. Despite everything, the central Mediterranean remains the most dangerous border in the world. 

The first rescue operation started on the night of 29 to 30 May after the crew spotted a wooden boat with 130 people on board that was in danger of capsizing. The two decks were clearly overcrowded. Ten children and several people in critical medical condition were initially taken on board the Sea Punk I. Many suffered from dehydration, hypothermia and exhaustion. In the end, all the people had to be taken on board and brought to a safe harbour on Lampedusa, as the two-storey wooden boat was no longer safe.

In the early morning of 8 June, the crew of the Sea Punk I sighted an overcrowded wooden boat with 75 people on board. The boat was already leaning dangerously and could no longer move independently as one of the engines had failed. 

The Sea Punk I’s RHIB team treated the dehydrated people and stabilised the situation until the Italian coastguard arrived. 

On the same day, the crew of the Sea Punk I found another wooden boat with 20 people in distress. As the engine kept failing, the people were taken on board the Sea Punk I and treated. After an hour and a half, the coastguard arrived and brought all 20 people safely to Lampedusa. 

The next day, the Sea Punk I encountered another boat with 60 people on board. The people seeking protection had already been at sea for four days and were very exhausted and dehydrated. Until the Italian coastguard arrived, our crew distributed life jackets, food and drink.

Many thanks to our ship’s crew and all those on land who were involved in this operation. Huge thanks also go to the Medical Volunteers International (MVI), who were once again an important part of the operation and worked tirelessly to ensure the health of the rescued people and crew!

Thanks also to all those who made this operation and the rescue of 285 people (!) possible with their donations!

People don’t let people drown. Full stop. <3 


On our third deployment, we were able to support more people than in the last two operations combined. Our ship’s crew was involved in four rescues and worked in a very coordinated and courageous manner.

We have now reached the point where we can finally go on routine rotations. Most of the crew is in place for this year, the ship has just passed its ‘MOT’ and after three deployments we have gained an incredible amount of experience, made and corrected mistakes and experienced moments of hardship and happiness. 

We have a funding gap of at least €120,000 to cover the rotations planned for the rest of the year. That is why we have launched our #120kforthisyear campaign. 

We want to close the gap within a month so that we can continue to rescue.

Please donate if you can and call on as many people as possible to do the same.


Check out our stands at festivals this summer!

Here is a selection of the confirmed dates:

26 – 30 June: Fusion, Müritz airfield

28 – 29 June: Vainstream, Münster

29 June: Truly Yours Tattoo Fest, Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim 

11 – 13 July: Störfaktor Festival, Zwickau

19 – 20 July: Seepogo, SeltersWould you also like to support us with good music and nice people? 

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For our maintenance work between rotations we are looking for volunteers to take care of our beautiful Sea Punk I. 

Dates: 15.06.-08.07., 09.08.-02.09., 02.10.-28.10., 28.11.-23.12.

We are always looking for the following support for these periods: 

  • Helping hands/deck helpers (e.g.: derusting, painting, cleaning, inventory, sanding…)
  • Metalworkers (e.g.: welding, bending, grinding,…) 
  • Logistics (requirements: Italian language skills, driving licence, e.g.:Shopping, picking up people and goods, research for purchases) 
  • Galley (e.g.: Planning and preparing two hot meals a day for approx. 15 people, storing leftovers, planning shopping) 
  • Machine (e.g.: supporting the mechanics in the engine room) 
  • Nautical (requirements: Mate/officer or captain; e.g.. Communication with the harbour authorities, updating nautical charts,…)
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters

Accommodation and catering will be provided by Sea Punks.

If you are interested, you can contact the crewing department at


Not only can we use your help with the street teams, there is also always something to do as an member of the association: Donate your work and your time in our working groups (e.g. social media, fundraising or crewing), if you have money to spare, we are of course happy about every euro. And in our shop, you can also make our cause known to the public and wear cool clothes at the same time.

We also receive test pressings, stage outfits and unique merch from many artists. We auction it all off on ebay for a good cause.
So be sure to check out seabay!