Sea Punk I starts first mission

Humans don’t let humans drown:

Rescue ship Sea Punk I embarks on first aid mission in the Mediterranean

Burriana/Bad Kreuznach on September 08, 2023

The rescue ship Sea Punk I has left the Spanish port of Burriana and is on its way to the SAR zone. The aim of the 13-strong crew is to document the humanitarian situation in the central Mediterranean and help people in distress at sea. This will be the first aid mission by the civilian sea rescue association Sea Punks e.V. from Bad Kreuznach.

Sea Punk I – A sign against the European isolationist policy

With the Sea Punk I, the Sea Punks are supporting the work of NGOs already active in the central Mediterranean. “We have been working for three years to support the civilian fleet. Unfortunately, this is more necessary than ever,” says Gerson Reschke, co-founder and press spokesman for the association. He will accompany the first mission on board the Sea Punk I.

“The number of departures has increased dramatically since the beginning of the year. As a result, more people are dying in the Mediterranean than at any time since 2017. The EU’s deal with Tunisia’s authoritarian regime is a political pact against people seeking protection. The political program of the far-right Italian government also stands for an intensification of the European policy of sealing people off. These developments are inhumane and legally questionable at the very least. Isolation does not stop people from fleeing. It only causes more deaths”, Reschke.

Mediterranean still deadliest border in the world

More refugees are dying in the Mediterranean than at any time in years. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), 2096 people have drowned while fleeing across the Mediterranean since the beginning of this year alone. These are only the people we know about – it can be assumed that the number of unreported cases is significantly higher. Since 2014, more than 27,845 refugees have drowned in the Mediterranean. This means that the deadliest border in the world has been right on Europe’s doorstep for years.

Sea rescue is a humanitarian duty

“We do not want to stand by and watch as Europe continues to seal itself off; we do not want to be part of this inhumane policy. We will do everything we can to help people in need. That is our humanitarian duty. We will give the middle finger to those who disregard human rights instead of fulfilling their political responsibility.”

Medical care in cooperation with Medical Volunteers International e.V.

Health is a human right. This is what the non-profit association from Hamburg, Medical Volunteers International e.V. (MVI), stands for. They work with small mobile medical teams to ensure that people have access to basic medical care. Two dedicated MVI doctors are deployed on the Sea Punk I to offer medical assistance to anyone who needs it. If necessary, injured and sick people can receive professional first aid in the specially built medical container on board.

Press release 08.09.2023, German: